Subsea motors and hydraulics

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Supplying our customers with solutions to their underwater engineering problems

With over a decade and a half of experience in the ROV industry we believe we know our business.

Off-the-shelf or designed specifically for our customers

We offer a standard range of oil-filled subsea electric motors and compensators, but our speciality is designing them to specific customer requirements - in the time it would normally take to build a standard motor.

Need a particular type connector or want dual pumps?

Our modular design allows maximum flexibility to come up with the optimum solution in the simplest and most cost-effective way we can.

In-board flexible coupling and bell-housing as standard

A subsea electric motor is not a stand-alone item, it has to drive something else.  More often than not, that something is a pump.  That is why our motors come as standard with an in-board flexible coupling and the bell-housing is integral with the motor end-cap.  For thrust loads we have a bolt-on thrust bearing/seal assembly.

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150 hp HPU


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