Aluminium Motors

Model Number 1864 

4HP, 4-Pole, 1000V/60Hz
(Model Number 1864)

Model Number AS00036

11HP, 4-Pole, 3000Vac/60Hz
(Model Number AS00036)

Model Number AS00050 

12.5HP, 4-Pole, 480V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00050)

Model Number AS00189 

20HP, 2-Pole, 2400V/60Hz
(Model Number AS000189)

Model Number AS00198 

35HP,2-Pole, 3000V/60Hz HPU
(Model Number AS00198)

Model Number AS00203 
62HP, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00203)

Model Number 1639 

80HP, 4-Pole, 2600V/60Hz
(Model Number 1639)

Model Number AS00005 

100HP, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS0005)

Model Number 2175 

150HP, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number 2175)

Model Number AS00197 

20kW, 3-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00197)

Model Number 2005 

23kW, 4-Pole, 3200V/60Hz
(Model Number 2005)

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