Stainless Steel Motors

Model NO 2135

3.5kW, 4-Pole, 440-480V/60Hz
(Model Number 2135) 

Model NO AS00129 

3.5kW, 4-Pole, 440-480V/60Hz
(Model Number 2135) 

Model NO 2135

7.5kW, 4-Pole, 1000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00028)

Model NO 2146 

 11kW, 2-Pole, 880-960V/60Hz
(Model Number 2146)

Model NO AS00208 

 15kW, 4-Pole, 1800V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00208)

Model NO AS00161 

25kW, 4-Pole, 2000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00161)  

Model NO AS00201 

35kW, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00201)

Model NO AS00174 

45kW, 4-Pole, 760V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00174)

Model NO AS00213

 50kW, 4-Pole, 3000Vac/60Hz
(Model Number AS00213)

Model NO AS00142 

75kW, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00142)  

Model NO AS00180 

150HP, 4-Pole, 3000V/60Hz
(Model Number AS00180) 


175Hp, 4-Pole, 3000V/50Hz
(Model Number 1807)  

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